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My Story

A makeup fanatic since I was a little girl rockin' a rainbow T-shirt, freckles, and a uni-brow.  I absolutely loved watching my Mom get ready to go to the discos in the 70's.  She would put individual lashes on, winged eyeliner, highlight down her nose and rhinestones in her nails. I was mesmerized by her transformation!  

I then started begging all my friends and cousins to let me do their makeup.  My Aunt Shirley and Grandma Lilas would give me their Lancome & Estee Lauder gifts with purchase to start me on my way to my first makeup kit! 


During college, in Los Angeles,  I did theater makeup and my passion for makeup grew with added knowledge and skills.  I moved to Chicago in 2003 and began working at Marshall Fields on State Street for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

From there, I worked for Le Metier de Beaute, Laura Mercier, Chanel, and Anastasia of Beverly Hills. 

The rest, as they say, is history!

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